SLIDING GATE CP.B24 Turbo Control Panel


1 actuator for sliding gates, series BULL624/1224 TURBO


115 or 230 Vac (selectable) 50/60Hz


24 Vdc / 20 A


Integrated LCD display | Integrated 433.92 MHz 512-code radio receiver with ARC coding | Removable terminal boards | Automatic, semi-automatic and deadman’s logic | Motor limit switch inputs | Step by step, open, close and stop inputs | Photocell input (PHO) configurable as active in opening-closing or only in closing phases | Photocell input (PHC) active both in opening and closing phases | Input for N.C or 8K2 sensitive edge | Input for safety sensor | OPEN input configurable as pedestrian | Two outputs configurable as open gate indicator, courtesy light, zone light, second channel radio, photocell testing, flashing light, alarm contact | Output for connecting flashing light | Predesigned for the operation of opposed sliding gates through SIS synchronisation board (optional) | Predesigned for KNX connection through X.BE board (optional) | Designed for managing, configuring, diagnosing and updating firmware through the BeUP app, using the PRO.UP accessory | Autosetting of operating parameters | Electronic torque adjustment with automatic calculation for each point in the stroke (STC SYSTEM) | Anti-crushing safety thanks to amperometric obstacle detection | Virtual encoder | Adjustable slow-downs | Advantouch system to configure parameters and manage radio transmitters | Number of maneuvers | Programming access password | Maintenance warning | Integrated battery charger, compatible with battery models DA.BT2/DA.BT6