SafeTech Heavy Duty Self-Closing Adjustable Tension Hinges (Large)


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SafeTech self-closing gate hinges are the only gate hinges on the market to feature our patented tension adjustment system. Once the gate hinge is in place, adjustments are made with just one handy allen-key, which we provide. By simply turning the key clockwise, you can increase the tension of the self-closing gate hinge. As the tension changes, the system makes a defined CLICK sound that lets you monitor just how much you’ve adjusted the gate hinge. The tension variable system makes Safetech Gate Hinges easy to install, so you can get the job finished in record time.

The heavy-duty hinges are made of polymer material and are reinforced by glass fiber. The heavy-duty gate hinges are UV stabilised rays and therefore have increased strength as compared to metal hinges. These heavy-duty hinges do not rust, they do not corrode, they require no lubrication, and they can survive all kinds of weather without any need for maintenance.

  • Engineered Polymers, Rust Resistant Stainless-Steel Pins & Springs
  • Max Holding Weight - 480KG
  • Closing Weight - 85kg 
  • Black
  • Vertical Adjustment
  • Metal or Timber Gates, Pool Gates

Comes in pack of two