BENINCA TOM3024E Electromechanical Geared Swing Gate Motor - 3 Meters 24V DC



Suitable for gate leaves up to 3m. Irreversible 24 Vdc electromechanical geared motor for intensive use, equipped with encoder. The TRUST24 control unit ensures power consumption in standby mode of < 0.8 W. The encoder device ensures maximum safety and precision in the gate moving phases. Amperometric sensor obstacle detection system to prevent crushing. Optional battery-powered operation. Reliable and innovative gear motor, thanks to the 2 adjustable mechanical stops in opening and closing accessible from above and positioned under the metal cover of the shaft. Ideal for the automation of any type of swing gate thanks also to the compact footprints (only 96 mm width) and screw-in brackets. The 45° inclination of the wiring cable allows the distance from the ground to be reduced to a minimum. The rear and front brackets, aligned on the same axis, enable the better distribution of loads by optimizing the lifespan of the actuator. The worm screw protected by wiper ring and stainless steel shaft make it suitable for dusty or sandy environments, or places with aggressive weather conditions. Easy access release from above.

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