Beninca Gate Remote IRI.TX 4 buttons


• 4-channel transmitter with double coding, Advanced Rolling Code and Rolling Code

• The new ARC coding guarantees maximum security due to the length of the transmitted code (128 bit) and the high number of possible combinations

• The transmitter has ARC coding as factory setting. However, it is possible to change the coding by using it in Rolling Code or even in mixed coding (ARC and Rolling Code)

• If using mixed coding, the ARC can be set with the T1/T3 buttons and the Rolling Code with the T2/T4 buttons

• The IRI.TX4VA model allows users to set up to 9 channels, thanks to the option of activating the command by simultaneously pressing two buttons chosen by the user. This function allows avoiding accidental openings caused by pressing a button by mistake and is particularly indicated for use with alarm systems