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1200 KG High Speed Beninca Sliding gate motor BULL1224 TURBO

Fast 24 VDC gear motor with integrated controller designed for intensive use.

Its application covers residential and light commercial use on the gates up to 1200 kg.

Key features.

  • 24v 1200KG capacity
  • Amperometric sensing obstacle detection as well as a virtual encoder for optimum management of slow down phases
  • Built-in control panels for ease of installation (top mounted)
  • Full metal manual release mechanism with additional safety sensor during maintenance
  • FAST 25 m/min speed – full TURBO operation
  • New control panel with the switching transformer for a supply of 195 to 265 Vac 50Hz. The control panel is installed above the motor for more comfortable wiring and programming.
  • Built in battery back up charger & New quick programming function

  • Virtual encoder and STC system & Advanced safety features

  • Virtual encoder and STC system & Advanced safety featuresTechnical specification.

Technical specification:

  • A built-in radio receiver which allows up to 512 transmitters to be coded
  • Switching power supply 195 – 265 Vac 50hz
  • Standard M4 z18 (mod 4) drive rack
  • Built-in battery back up, space and housing to just add batteries
  • Intensive duty cycle – up to 120 cycles per hour

Motor comes with built in battery backed-up charger and has battery compartment fitting 2 x 12V/7Ah batteries to keep the motor going in power outages. 

Maximum safety and accuracy during the operating phases of the gate is guarantied by built-in encoder device.

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