Access Control System

Expert installation of access control systems for your peace of mind

We specialised in Commercial Access Control Solutions for work places, offices, Gyms, apartments etc. We can provide complete solutions for your access control and security camera / Alarm systems. 

We supply and install Protege, Inner range products including Integriti and Inception. 

Access control and electronic locking systems have become increasingly popular in our modern society.

The many benefits of these systems include:
  • providing higher security and more flexibility using electronic locks
  • providing an audit trail of who accessed which door and at what time
  • limiting users’ access to certain doors or times
  • access tags can be cancelled if lost or stolen without having to change any locks.

We have 16 years of experience to bring access control and other security systems into your business/ office / Gym. We are proud to supply and install a range of access control systems – from a simple product for a single door through to a system for multiple sites covering multiple floors.

We are certified to supply/install and service most of the major access control systems, including Inner Range’s Concept and Integriti Platforms, GE Challenger, and Protege.


Integrating access control systems with other security products

We can integrate your access control system with video intercoms, home alarms, and CCTV camera security systems to create a premium level of functionality.

Examples of integrated situations include:

  • unlocking of certain doors during the day
  • release of locked doors if the fire alarm activates
  • lockdown of doors when an intruder alarm is armed
  • turning on and off air conditioning or lighting at certain times
  • release of a door from a remote location without being onsite.


Keep your staff and products safe with an unbeatable fog cannon solution

The PROTECT Fog Cannon system provides you, and your home or workplace with excellent burglary deterrent option which is internationally Certified and Approved. This anti-theft system is the preferred choice of many large international companies including Sony, Shell, Walmart, Rolex and Bang & Olufsen, and comes with an impressive 5 year guarantee. 

Applicable across retail, wholesale, residential and corporate premises, this system can be visible or concealed and can be installed by most well-known alarm installation companies.