Heavy Duty Hydraulic Swing Gate Motor CAB HD.80AC



Made in Italy Swing Gate Hydraulic Gate Opener HD80AC suitable for gates up to 8m wide and 1000kg.

The new HYDRO hydraulic motor for swinging gates up to 8 metres is the new star of the CAB range.

HD.80 is ideal for industrial gates. Its electric motor is the most powerful on the market in its category, with maximum thrust of 10,000 N.

The choice of materials and the individual components make HD.80 stand out among the models currently on the market.

The extended tank and large volume of oil it contains help to ensure even more intensive use.

The distributor, header, back plate and piston unit are made from anodized aluminium using a tooling machine, ensuring maximum precision of the components and optimal performance and reliability.

It has a double-action slowdown mechanism and bypass valves for maximum precision of manoeuvring and safety of the automate

With regard to installation and maintenance, the technical solutions used mean that it can be installed quickly and easily because of its rear and front joints and reinforced anchoring brackets and also because of the ease of replacing the power cable.

As in the whole Hydro range, the power cable is not directly connected to the tank but to a terminal strip placed behind the rear anchoring bracket so that it can be replaced easily even when the operator has already been installed.

HD.80 uses bio-oil, a very viscous oil that ensures excellent performance even in low temperatures, reducing component wear to a minimum.


Item Code # HD.80