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Modernity, compactness and reliability: three simple concepts that best describe myone’s automations for swinging doors. In addition, we propose an advanced control system that ensures safety and ease of use, combined with a careful design that simplifies the installation. Thus, we move beyond the traditional boundaries of automation, opening the doors to the future.


Thanks to an advanced control system, the control unit can be programmed easily and it is able to learn every working parameter. The presence of security systems, and the Auto-test function performed by the Control Unit, makes the installation compliant with EN16005 rule. Furthermore, the Encoderallows to accurately detect the leaf’s position and possible obstacles.

Thanks to the self-supporting structure, we were able to realize an extremely compact mechanical system of transmission The innovative cover’s design allows to install a LED bar for door’s night time lighting.

Cover’s peculiarities allow, in case of double automation, to insert a core element in order to ensure uniformity and aesthetic continuity. The automation can be installed, without further adjustments, on doors with leaf opening both to the right and to the left side. Two operating modes can be used:
  • Motor opening and closing (SMARTONE)
  • Motor opening and spring closing (SMARTONE-M)

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