BENINCA BULL5M Sliding Gate Motor - 500KGs 230V AC


Strong 230v AC motor with integrated controller.

Its application covers residential and light commercial use on gates up to 500 kg.

Key features.

Italian Design - Quality Italian made motor with an operating speed of 10.5m / min and a duty cycle of 30% makes this motor perfect for residential and light commercial gates with a lower number of operations each day. 

Strong metal construction and performance All metal gearbox and cog assembly means less wear and tear and a longer service life. 

Quick setup function - You can quickly set the motor parameters using the dip switches and a remote. This allows you adjust the torque and slowdown parameters.

Encoder system - The BULL5M motors are equipped with an encoder which enables the best safety and anti-crushing features of this series.

Emergency release - Manual release mechanism fitted for emergency release in the event of power failures.

Technical specification:

  • A built-in radio receiver which allows up to 64 transmitters to be coded
  • 230 Vac 50hz Power Supply
  • Standard M4 z18 (mod 4) drive rack
  • Full metal gearbox for increased life span
  • 10.5m / min operating speed and 30% duty cycle

Download specification sheet here. 

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