Commercial & Industrial Heavy Duty BENINCA YAK25 OTI Sliding Gate Motor - 2500KGs 230V AC

YAK25 OTI sliding gate motor is manufactured in Italy under high quality standards.

230 VAC three-phase ventilated gear motor with all-metal reduction gear in oil bath to ensure very intensive use.

The new controller with integrated inverter makes it possible to control the position of the motor by measuring the intensity and the offset between the currents (virtual encoder).

The virtual encoder and inverter mean that slowing can be properly managed and the movement tracked (STC system). 

Adjustable speed from 10 to 24 m/min according to gate weight. Safety sensor that stops the motor power supply during release operations. External metal guard with option to install PUPILLA photocells (as accessory). Quick and easy to install as the controller is in the top of the motor.

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