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Metal making is one of the great inventions of humanity. Nonetheless, it is more than 3000-years old. By using anodized extruded aluminum, in fact, we are not inventing anything new. We are just carrying on its evolution: we are taking sliding door automation to its highest levels of technical development.

Low weights, wear-resistant sliding carriages, and RGB led for night time lighting are just some of the characteristics of our products. The result:

  • Millions of declared maneuvers
  • A security factor of 10
  • Safe and quick installation.


Modularity and compactness. An easy-to-install method that makes the installation procedure run incredibly smoothly. Technical devices that allow a performing and user-friendly approach.

  • Sliding carriages with anti-derailment device and several possible adjustments
  • Tamper-proof locking screws
  • Crankcase automatic lock in openposition
  • RGB led for nighttime lighting
  • Reversible motor reductors and transmission units
  • Electric card and battery slot in one single compartment
  • Easy-to-access connection terminal blocks
  • Visible leds to help securities checks and command opening

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