Panasonic VL-SWD501AZ Video Intercom



Panasonic VL-SV501AZ video intercom system consists of 5-inch wide colour monitor, door station and wireless handset.

Panasonic intercoms provide features which most of the intercoms on the market cannot offer.

Key features:

 Highly Expandable: up to 6 x 2.2-inch wide  wireless handsets can be connected to the main monitor. Max wireless range is 100m with no obstacles. You can add on repeaters expand the range. UP to 2 DECT repeater connectable. However, number of 7-inch monitors in the system is limited to 3. In addition, PBX connectivity is also supported

• Large Touch Panel: The main monitor has a large, 5 inch wide screen that clearly shows each visitor's face. You can simply touch the screen to activate an approximate 2x zoom horizontally and vertically

 Wide-Angle Camera: Wide-angle lens covers approximately 170 degrees horizontally and 115 degrees vertically.

• SD Card Recording: Automatically record video images of visitors to SD card. It will record up to 3,000 visitors (30 seconds per visitor) (The SD memory card is sold separately)

• Wireless Sensor Cameras: By installing the optional DECT Wireless Sensor Camera, you can use human (heat) and motion sensors to monitor locations that you are concerned about. UP to 4 wireless sensor camera connectable

 Door station is made from die-cast aluminium

• Night Vision: Door Station is equipped with LED lights (illumination lamp). It enables the colour display of visitors at a distance of about 500 mm at night.

Panasonic is one of the leaders on the market of hardwired video intercoms and has proven to be one of the most reliable solution to access system be it residential or commercial.